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Brad Cassidy

Awakening Heart Wisdom

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A committed Personal Development Consultant dedicated to awakening the inherent potentials of the individual through creative interactions in a group, or private, context. With special emphasis on moving past challenging life issues and manifesting the life you would love, through the Path of Heart Wisdom.


To raise consciousness is to raise the experienced
quality of life.


#102-4272 Albert Street, Burnaby, B.C. V5C 2E8
Tel. (604) 570-0742


Pd Seminars. Private Post Secondary Institution. Over 1500 hours in Experiential Group Process Training.1993 to present.

Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy. Approximately 600 hours in the method with it's founder Ron Kurtz, plus a practicum, resulting in a Certificate of Completion for the Professional Skills Training. 1997 to 2000.

Continuum Body Movement School. Approximately 200 hours of instruction in Body Centred Self-awareness. 1997 – 2001.

Non-violent Communications. 40 hours of formal instruction from founder Marshal Rosenburg and others. 1999 to 2001. On-going bi-weekly peer practice.

Chakra Therapy Training.160 hours of formal instruction with Anodea Judith the founder of Sacred Centers and developer of the Chakra Healing modality. 2003 to present.

Various Related Courses. Over 400 hours of facilitated instruction on a range of topics including: anthropology, bio-energetics, energy medicine, Reiki, conflict resolution, community processes, expressive therapies and body movement. 1993 to present.

Conferences. The following conferences contributed significantly to my understanding and knowledge.

  • NW Cohousing (TCN) (Seattle, '96)
  • Body, Self and Soul (Seattle, '97)
  • Bellingham Cohousing ('00)
  • What the Bleep Do We Know? ('04)

Skills, Attributes and Attitudes

  • Communications. Ability to write, speak and listen well and to cultivate this in others.
  • Relationships. Knowledge and ability with the elements, cycles and dynamics of inter-personal relationships.
  • Personal process. In depth knowledge of his personal process, and the capacity to assist others to see their process and how it impacts their lives.
  • Group Dynamics. Knowledge and experience with the elements, cycles and dynamics of groups.
  • Boundaries. Firm and flexible interpersonal boundaries, and the ability to assist others in developing these.
  • Self-responsibility. Owning needs, feelings, actions and outcomes, and helping other to own theirs.
  • Skills building. The ability to cultivate the skills of the group and to evoke the group's creativity.
  • Feelings and Needs. Understanding of human emotions and needs; the ability to identify and work with these.
  • Conflict Resolution. The knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate process based conflict resolution, and access the creativity present in conflict.
  • Assessment and Development. The ability to assess the both the problems and resources in a given situation and develop an effective response to achieve the stated goals.
  • Empathy. A warm and compassionate appreciation of the human expereince and it's challenges.
  • Integrity. A track record of reliability, honesty, reponsibility and confidentiality.

Personal Development Experience

Workshops. Developed and presented personal development workshops on the following themes:

Universal Needs
Altruism, Opportunism and Meaning
Moving Through Fear
Field Awareness/Dependence
Personal Mythology
The Practice of Loving Presence
Pillars of Relationship
Personal Boundaries
Manifesting Your Dreams
Understanding Your Core Beliefs
Facing Fear
Understanding Your "Shadow"
Cultivating the Witness Self
Skills of Relating to Others
Conflict and Community

Presentations. Produced and marketed various workshops for the public by other facilitators.

Counselling. Ongoing practice of private sessions for individuals and couples.

Peer Support Process Group. Facilitator of an ongoing group focused on depth process of personal issues. Often facilitating delicate pieces of individual process work in the group context.

Volunteering. 140 recorded hours of service at the Burnaby Youth Secure Custody Centre, a maximum security facility for young offenders. One and half years service on the board of the Eco-Café youth project. Ten years service as the Secretary of the Canadain Cohousing Network.

Travel. 34 months travel in 21 countries outside of North America has developed a deep appreciation of cultural diversity.

Business Experience

Self-employment. Self-employed since 1982, and familiar with all facets of operating a small business.

Planning. Proven ability to assess problems and resources in a diverse range of situations, and to provide successful strategies to achieve the desired goals.

Management. Extensive experience managing human, financial and material resources on many different projects.

Personnel. Over twenty years experience training groups and individuals.

Negotiation. Extensive experience negotiating with client groups, individuals and organizations.

Environmental. A deep understanding and appreciation of the complex issues in the relationship between human endeavours and the natural environment.

Computer. Proficiency in computer operations including: information and communications management, desk-top publishing, HTML programming and web-mastering, graphic skills/multi-media, and internet research.

Cohousing Experience

Workshops. Developed and presented the following workshops to participants involved in Cohousing:

  • Communications Basics
  • Deepening Connection
  • Facilitation Basics
  • Outreach Strategies
  • Conflict and Community
  • Communications and Community
  • Social Process Series
  • Decision Making Series
  • The Heart of Healthy Community
  • Decision Making Process

Outreach. Have assisted in a wide range of outreach events in a variety of venues, from 1996 to present.

Development. Have assisted CDC (Ronaye Matthew) with numerous presentations and workshops for forming and potential groups.

Participation. Founding member, with Ronaye Matthew, of Knox Street Cohousing which later merged with the West Point Grey Group to form Cranberry Commons Cohousing Corp. Served as a Director through the development process, and remain an active member of that community (

Volunteering. One of the founding members of the Canadian Cohousing Network (, and a director from it's beginning to the present. Involved in the internal structure, administration and outreach.


References are available upon request.

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