"It is good to dream, but it is better to dream and work.
Faith is mighty, but action with faith is mightier."

Thomas Robert Gaines

The Committment

My present vocation arose from the ashes of my former life. Fifteen years ago I had no purpose, joy or further will to live; what remained for me was depression, addiction and rage. Then, in a miraculous instant, I was shown a glimmer of the possible, and I hurled myself at it. I abandoned the bars, the logging camps and my addictions in order to begin a new life based on love and creativity. Believing that if I could do this, anybody could, I committed to achieving excellence in serving and supporting others to realize their highest potential. I've passionately pursued developing my abilities, and I offer them here in hopes that together we can share richer lives and build a loving, creative society.

Andrew Harvey with Ronaye and I on the south portal Chartres Cathedral.

        Andrew Harvey with Ronaye and me on           the south portal of Chartres Cathedral.

          (More about the Chartres Intensive)

Why the Path of Heartwisdom?

I believe that the human species has a purpose, a very high and challenging purpose - a calling to be the most intense and most perfect possible balance of spirit in matter, and matter in-spirited. Daunting as this may sound, I cannot believe that Nature would set such a task without giving us the potential to achieve it. Our task is to activate our inherent potentials unleashing the love and creativity necessary for us to evolve to our excellence.

I think many people feel this call on a deep level but are so intimidated by it that they can't even bring it to consciousness to give it a try. Instead, most substitute a more bite-sized achievement material success. To achieve this, the individual is encouraged to put great deal of emphasis on his or herphysical and mental processes. Spiritual attributes are marginalized, and much of what I call heart is generally relegated to the category of weakness. A huge imbalance is introduced to the individual and the culture, and there is no accepted criteria for re-setting the balance.

Having lost interest in the great religious institutions, most people have gone seeking on their own for spiritual meaning and connection. This is likely a very positive thing, but until our spirituality is highly developed it doesn't offer an easily accessible, reliable mechanism for discernment and balance in our lives. The Heart does. If we can learn to access the authentic wisdom of our Hearts, it is always available for our immediate use. Seated both literally and figuratively in the centre of the human experience, it is to me, the natural balance wheel of all other aspects of our experience.

The activation of the Heart as the great guide and resource of our lives does present us with significant challenges. There are few places that offer education and experiences in "Heartwisdom", and opening to the wisdom of the Heart brings us face to face with our turbulent passions, disowned longings, vulnerability and pain. What we offer here in the Path of Heart Wisdom is a multi-disciplinary, experiential training that is designed to support and make safe the exploration, cultivation and implementation of Heartwisdom.

...To refine and enhance the resonance in my sphere,
for this, I am

from "I AM", '93

The approach I use is deeply rooted in humanistic psychology, spirituality and self-responsibility. The fundamental assumptions are that

  • all beings have dignity and appropriateness;
  • all beings have the wisdom for full development lying as a potential within and needs only to be evoked;
  • learning and growth need to be an experiential and co-creative process
  • all parties involved need to hold themselves responsible for their actions and experiences
  • that life is "bigger and more beautiful" than linear thinking can grasp, and hence the need for cultivating acceptance of wonder and paradox

My training is based in a broad range of humanistic and experiential modalities. These include the following:

  • general skills in self-awareness, the nature of the human experience and bodywork at the Haven Institute;
  • Professional Skills Training in Hakomi with its founder, Ron Kurtz;
  • body awareness and the spirituality of the body through yoga and the Continuum Method;
  • Chakra Psychology with its founder Anodea Judith; and
  • supplemental training in bioenergetics, gestalt, cathartic release and energy healing

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