Dear Friends,

While the intention and ethos of Heartwisdom remains the same its activity and expression have changed significantly. I no longer sustain a private practice and currently Iím not presenting the Heartwisdom Program to the public. Iím following an old longingÖ Iím writing. My book had its roots in the in Heartwisdom Program, Level 4; the esoteric and philosophical elements of Heartwisdom. But from there the project took on a life of its own; itís a major undertaking now and Iím loving it.

Ronaye now has no less than four Cohousing projects underway resulting in a very high level of activity for her and a modest increase for me; all projects are proceeding despite the over-heated construction market. We also continue to pursue dream-work avidly, as well as yoga, the gym and breath-work. Life is rich and growth continues.

This website will grow and change too, please drop by regularly.

Warm Regards,


Psychology of the Chakras

April 3 to 6, 2020 at The Haven
Thanks to our past participants!

This program offers knowledge and skills that when understood and applied offer a powerful method to read the body; to understand its energetic patterns, their origins, and how those patterns shape the individualís early and current life... (learn more... )


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