"Cross the river in a company, and the crocodile will not eat you."

                                                                                             African proverb

  • Have you ever wondered, with all the things you have going for you, why you haven't gotten where you're trying to go?
  • Do you have the knowledge and skills to truly master your life and manifest it as you would love it to be?

One of the quickest ways to become enlightened about who you really are, how you get in your own way, and how to get out of it, is in a group of folks who are all doing that same thing. I offer experiential workshops that give insight into Self, provide practical tools for life mastery, and the opportunity to practice using them successfully. The goal is to awaken, support and empower the wisdom that is inherent with each of us.

The method is to evoke experiences of ourselves and each other both in small and large group, explore them and finally to integrate them into a new understanding. Each participants experience is valid, and valued, in an atmosphere of non-judgment. The focus is on participating and doing, not on sitting and listening.


Growth takes place at the edge not over it!

To release the power of the group to support the growth of the individual requires careful structuring of the group "container". While encouraging the excitement and adventure of growth and learning, I stress the underlying agreements regarding safety, confidentiality and dignity of all members. Each individual is in full command of their own involvement, and they are encouraged, but never pressured to extend themselves

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Brad presenting The Heart of Healthy 
Community workshop, March, '07.

Presenting the Heart of Healthy Community workshop, March, '07.

What people are saying about these Workshops.

"Brad helped me to discover the reason for my tension around manifesting what I want in my life."
                                                                                                                                          Krista C.

"Years later, I can still vividly recall the insight, love and openness that I awakened to under his tutelage."
                                                                                                                                          Maureen D.

"Brad's wonderful facilitation allowed me to experience, receive and integrate the exercises. ...and by the end of the workshop I had been challenged by the exercises and my life changed by them."
                                                                                                                                          Angie O.

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