Hearts on the Mountain
Group photo of Hearts on the Mountain participants.
  • Are you a person who feels most alive and aware in the outdoors?
  • Do you believe that there are powerful life lessons to be learned from Nature?
  • Would you like to open your heart and deepen you spiritual connection in a natural setting?

A vast resource for awakening and renewal lies just out beyond the noise and lights of our city in the wild places. This workshop provides the opportunity for profound insights from a deep connection to the subtlety of nature. You will empowered to access wisdom and inspiration from within yourself, fellow participants, and the plants and animals you encounter. You will be guided on this adventure to reach insights, integrate them, and develop them into a source of support to you in your day-to-day life.

Things you can expect from this workshop:

  • renewed vigour and delight in life
  • deep physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment
  • more heart-wisdom in your life and relationships
  • greater access to spiritual nourishment in the daily world around you

Our quest begins at 8:45 am, at the foot of the Grouse Mountain Skyride (⇒ map ). We take the breath-taking Skyride to the Chalet atop Grouse Mountain (elev. 3700') and the head of the trail to Goat Mountain. A moderate hike of 5 km brings us out onto the tip of Goat Ridge and our sanctuary spot for the workshop. For the next five hours we drink deeply from this well of inspiration we have sought. Late afternoon we hike back to the Skyride and disperse, either down the Skyride and home, or to enjoy the shops or restaurants on "Grouse" (⇒ more info).

"A challenging and rewarding course for both the body and mind. Brad's love and knowledge of nature helped to create an original learning experience."
Danielle D.

The Details

      Date: TBA
      Time: 8:45 am (punctuality is critical!)
      Place: Grouse Mountain Skyride
(admissions gate)
      Tuition* - early-bird: $ 60.00 per person
      Tuition* - regular : $ 75.00 per person
      *Fares for the Skyride are not included in the tuition. A 50% discount on the
      Skyride fare is included with the first four Early paid registrations.

You must pre-register to attend this workshop.

To register, or get more informations please call 604 570-0742 or click here to email.
Click here to see Registration and Refund Policy.

The Facilitator

Brad Cassidy grew up playing and camping in the forests of Vancouver Island, and the first twenty years of his adult life were spent living and working in the forests of the Queen Charlotte Islands. In this workshop his love and knowledge of nature are blended with his passion for cultivating Heart Wisdom.

What you will need to bring:

  • Good hiking shoes/boots
  • Adequate clothing for the weather
  • Hat
  • Cushion or pad to sit on (⇒ suggestion)
  • Picnic lunch & water
  • Notebook/journal & pen
  • Insect repellant
  • Sun screen & sun glasses

What you may want to bring:

  • Camera

Rain-check Policy:

Please click on the heading above or call 604 570-0742 for the options should we be forced to cancel due to bad weather.

Trip Report: 10 July, '10
Thunderbird Ridge.

This years cool, damp Spring is still very evident up in the mountains. I knew when I could see a patch of snow still remaining on the Grouse Mountain ski run, that I was going up too early. However, the day was so beautiful and my need to get out so strong I just had to give it a go. Conditions on the trail were pretty much as I expected, re-frozen rotten snow making footing a hazardous and obscuring minor dangers. It took longer than usual to reach upper Goat Ridge, due mainly to the need to chop foot-holds on the steep sections of trail on the flank of Goat Mountain.

When I reached the "hump" of upper Goat Ridge and had a good look at the conditions I decided to abandon the idea of trying to reach my special meadow at the far end of lower Goat Ridge. As it was, it was lunch time and I thought I could still get some worth while video taping done at this location. The extremely bright conditions made use of the camcorder quite difficult but by using the "snow" setting and removing my sunglasses I was able to do it.

I was joined by the resident pair of ravens during the video taping. I'm confident that these are the same two that I've been seeing up here for the last couple of years. I don't know whether they recognize me, but they sure are cheeky! I captured them, some landscape shots and some of myself talking and then packed up. The hike out was slightly less challenging as the frozen snow had melted. Upon getting home I discovered that the tape I was using was faulty and my efforts at taping were in vain.

Click the images below to see them full size.

Doug with Crown Mountain in the background Heather in bloom Meadow with erratic Meadows looking back toward Goat Mt.

  Doug & Crown Mt.

    Blooming heather.

    Favourite meadow.

    Trail to Goat Mt.

Brad and the view to the north. View north from the trail. Overview of the main meadow. Doug on the trail in Spring conditions.

A view to the north.

    Goat Meadows.

    Spring meadow.

    Spring conditions.

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