Community and Consensus

Community and particularly consensus based communities are very dear to me. They can be seen as heart wisdom in action - bringing people together in caring creative groups to explore the profound potentials of conscious interdependence, sustainability and justice. To do this essential work takes time, commitment and development of skills not ordinarily in our society.

This creation of conscious communities is evolutionary work that will play an essential part in awakening the global heart and propelling our species into a sustainable future.

Photo of Brad at the International Cohousing Summit.

1st International Cohousing Summit, 2009    

To support that work I've been involved in community development and consensus facilitation for more than a dozen years and lived in cohousing for nine. My participation in the Consensus Facilitator Training was undertaken to enhance my capacity to support others in developing the ability to use this most democratic form of governance. I you or your group are interest in the effective use of consensus decision making please contact me to explore the possibilities.


Consensus Facilitators Training Program

Capacity Building for Consensus Based Organizations
with Tree Bressen

The Consensus Facilitator Training Program began as an initiative of the Canadian Cohousing Network. The intention being to develop leadership capacity for consensus based organizations in the region. Tree Bressen was selected to teach the training and she offered a program based on eight three day intensives spread over a period of two years. These trainings were to held on a rotating bases among the participant communities involved. A maximum number of twenty-five individuals from the various communities would form the student body.

Photo of the facilitator training group in Yarrow.

Training Group at Yarrow, July 2010        

The first of the series began Creekside Commons in Courtenay in April of 2009. Then followed at three month intervals: Windsong Cohousing, Roberts Creek Cohousing, Quayside Village Cohousing, Cranberry Commons Cohousing and most recently Yarrow Eco-village. The demands on the host communities are significant; providing food and lodging over the three days as well as attending two sessions of community meetings. The benefit to them is two facilitated sessions of community process focused on the issues of their choice, and enhanced skills in their group.

The theme of each training portion of each intensive varies, including: Facilitation Skills, Consensus Decision Making, Planning, Issues, Conflict, Group Dynamics and other related content. The practice portion is focused on trainees facilitating the host communities process under the supervision of Tree. The blend of theoretical and experiential learning has had obvious benefits for the long term participants and their communities.

"Tree Bressen is an experienced facilitator working with nonprofits, cohousing groups, activists, schools, and a wide variety of other organizations. Her base is in intentional communities, groups of people who live together and have to deal with each other every day! Her work arises from a desire for people to learn the communication skills that will enable all of us to build a better world together. Tree gives workshops on consensus decision-making, meeting facilitation, conflict resolution, and related subjects". Click HERE to visit Tree's website.

Photo of Tree Bressen.

Tree Bressen                              

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