A Key to Liberation...

Our human potential is stunningly rich, yet most of us are ill-prepared and poorly supported to embrace its wonder and challenge. Lacking a clear sense of our potential or a collective purpose, we have substituted control, conformity and materialism. As individuals we're encouraged to support these substitute strategies by denying many of our authentic longings, attributes and gifts. The result is that a lot of us are depressed, addicted, lonely, unfulfilled or numb.

Embracing our disillusionment has the potential to spin us further into despair, however in a beautiful paradox it also contains the key to liberation and self-actualization. When we find this key, not only are we greatly empowered but the whole world becomes a better place. The purpose of this site is to offer opportunities, resources and support for illuminating a grand path to renewed life and purpose The Path of Heartwisdom.

The goal of Heartwisdom is to awaken and manifest the following:

  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Connection and all its contents are the sole copyright and property of Brad Cassidy and Ravens 2 Consulting, except where noted.

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